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About me

I am a bilingual university MA graduate of English lingustics specializing in translations  with a second MA in psychology specializing in social psychology, human resources and cross-cultural psychology.

I have stayed in the United States of America many times working for American companies, researching cross-cultural differences, acquiring cross-cultural awareness, and enriching my psychological knowledge. I received an award from the American Psychological Association for my cross-cultural study of differences in dialogue involvement between Poland and the USA. The award serves as proof of my cross-cultural awareness and competence as well the knowledge and capability of writing scientific articles. Every visit to the USA strengthens my awareness of the cultural differences in social behaviors.

I worked at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities teaching students psychological English and taking part in English examination for PhD doctoral defense.

I have experience teaching English to a wide variety of individuals and groups ranging from top executives to managers in business (e.g. AIG, EFL, etc.), law firms (Sampraus) production workers (Ruukki) to specialized English taylored on demand to university students at different levels.

I also have done various translations in general English and specialized ones- as well as text verification/correction- general English, psychological research texts and articles for publication in scientific journals as well as texts/articles to be published by Wrocław University Press and the Polish Academy of Sciences.

I have experience as a language coach – providing feedback for English language performance and support for speakers of English as a foreign language – for business managers of various levels as well as university professors and students.